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Rey's Landscaping

Transforming Rey's Landscaping: New Business Website and Visibility Through Great Digital Marketing and Local Citation Building

Project Goal

Rey's Landscaping, a Chicago-based landscaping company, reached out to us to build their very first website. They wanted a digital space where they could showcase their landscaping services and make it easy for people in Chicago to reach out for help with their outdoor projects.

We got down to business, crafting a website that highlighted Rey's Landscaping's expertise while keeping things simple and user-friendly. Additionally, we worked on improving their visibility online so that when someone in Chicago searched for landscaping services, Rey's Landscaping would pop up.

Project Success

With the launch of Rey's Landscaping's new website, they now have a solid online presence in the Chicago area. Potential customers can easily check out their services and get in touch with them. Plus, thanks to our efforts, Rey's Landscaping is getting more attention online, helping them grow their business in the digital realm. Our efforts in local citation building have further bolstered Rey's Landscaping's visibility, propelling their business forward in the digital landscape.

And we didn't just stop at the launch. We made sure Rey's Landscaping knew how to manage their website moving forward, so they're all set to continue their online success journey.

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